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Moneyville Financials is a boutique Investment Banking firm providing focused advisory services to entrepreneurs and start-ups

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We customize our services based on the intrinsic need of the company. We engage closely with the client to understand their needs

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Moneyville Financials,
#17, Shopping Street,
Kumara Park (West),
Bangalore - 560020

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About Us

Moneyville Financials is a Bangalore based boutique Investment Banking firm providing focused advisory services to entrepreneurs and start-ups. We handpick start-ups that have high growth potential and are backed by strong management team. Our forte lies in offering independent advice and customized solutions in raising early and growth stage venture capital. We also assist our clients in strategic fund raising opportunities like Mergers & Acquisitions.

We predominantly work with companies looking to raise Series A and Series B rounds of funding from institutional investors. As a philosophy we are sector agnostic but we have an inclination towards E-commerce, Mobility, Analytics, Consumer Internet, SaaS and Enterprise Software. We are very passionate about the evolving start-up ecosystem in India and are excited to be a part of the explosive growth story of start-ups.

The Indian start up ecosystem is rapidly transforming and is providing a host of opportunities for scalable business models. At the same time it has become ultra-competitive where capital has emerged as one of the most important functions. Although the available capital is increasing, there is a huge gap in demand and supply. A large number of startups are fighting for the available capital. Fund-raising is a time consuming and complex process. As an Entrepreneur's bandwidth is tested at several levels, we enable these truly deserving Entrepreneurs to get a much better shot at this capital. We use our extensive research led insights at all stages of fund raising. This ensures that the startup stands the best chance of securing the smart money that is so crucial and critical for survival and growth.


Fund Raising Services

Our specialty lies in raising funds for start-ups. We have customized our fee-structure for start-ups to exclude any sort of payment before a successful capital infusion. This performance linked fee structure provides an opportunity to entrepreneurs to have access to capital without affecting their cash-flows.

We play a pivotal role in the entire fund raising process:
  • Prepare documents like Pitch Deck and Financial Model
  • Identify suitable prospective investors
  • Facilitate meeting with investors
  • Assist clients in negotiations with investors
  • Facilitate the due diligence process
  • Documentation
  • Deal closing

Contact Us


#17, Shopping Street
Kumara Park (West)
Bangalore - 560020

Get in touch with us:

+91 98440-56661
+91 74063-54621




Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain is Co-Founder and CEO of Moneyville Financials. He specializes in Financial modelling and analysis. His focus areas are E-commerce, Mobility and Analytics. He is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has secured an All India 49th Rank in the examinations. His favorite start-up is Quora.

Smiran Bhandari

Smiran Bhandari is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Moneyville Financials. He has extensive experience in the field of Business Research, Equity Research and Investment Banking. His focus areas are Consumer Internet, SaaS and Enterprise Software. He specializes in analysis of company fundamentals and understanding of industry trends. He is an MBA from Nirma University with a specialization in Finance. His favorite unicorn company is Facebook.

Shantilal Jain

Shantilal Jain is a widely respected Chartered Accountant with experience of around 30 years and is a director of various educational institutions like IBMR group of Institutions. He has also been a Real Estate developer and has constructed more than 1 Million Square Feet of Residential and Commercial space.


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